Happy International Women’s Day

A post from exactly one year ago on FB so sharing here. To feel the joy of that day again.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in my life. Today, we had Samuel’s 3 year health check up and he passed with flying colours 😉 I was messaging later with a good friend and she congratulated me on getting the good work done. He is 3 and we did it–the ultra important early years. And I took a moment to feel pride in the work I have done. 

Because often, I feel all the other stuff around parenting but forget to feel proud of the hours that I put in–that all of us mothers do. Whether it’s work at home, stay-at-home, work outside the home, study and work, give up a potential career to be with your kids all the hours possible, push on with your career because you love it or need it, stay at home and know you will one day return to something that inspires you or pays the bills. It’s all done with love.

Thanks to all the women I have met over the years who have become great friends, confidantes, women I see regularly and others less so, have coffee with, at playgroups, at playgrounds or on the street after school for a quick chat, talk with across the miles, who encourage me to chase after what I want, laugh my head off with and drink too much wine with. Love ❤

2 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day”

  1. Great post for International Women’s Day Margaret!

    Whilst it’s important to acknowledge the strides women have made in Business, Science and the Arts I often feel that the work of parenting and caring get swept under the carpet on IWD, That work and it is work, need to be validated if we are talking about true equality.

    What a beautiful picture to celebrate the day. Have a lovely glass of wine later. You deserve it!


  2. Hi Lena! You’ve been my inspiration for a long time and helped me see the value in staying at home full-time even when I wavered. Love always our long conversations and of course sharing a glass of wine or two with you. Sláinte dear friend xo


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