Happy International Women’s Day

A post from exactly one year ago on FB so sharing here. To feel the joy of that day again.          Happy International Women's Day to all the women in my life. Today, we had Samuel's 3 year health check up and he passed with flying colours 😉 I was messaging later with a good friend and she… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

Playing Hooky-Sort Of…

It's Wednesday afternoon in Amsterdam and the kids have a half-day from school. I've organised a babysitter for the first time ever on this half-day wonder of the Dutch school system. And am sitting in a cafe about 500 metres from my home. Decadent! I've decided lately to orient myself towards someone in need of… Continue reading Playing Hooky-Sort Of…

Should my child attend a Bilingual school or an all-Dutch school?

This vexed question comes up regularly for expat/immigrant parents who are facing the task of sending their teen to secondary school/middelbareschool in The Netherlands. I admit I have a pretty simple view on this: choose a Dutch school. A view that I came to by considering quite a few variables. Namely: It seems like a… Continue reading Should my child attend a Bilingual school or an all-Dutch school?

Oh New York, You’re a Dame for Sure 🍏

Shortly after I arrived in JFK on a sleepless 8 hour KLM flight from Amsterdam, customs was unexpectedly cleared in 20 minutes and I was let loose. A quick gut decision ( a lifelong personality trait ) was made to take an airport train then hop on a subway to mid-town. All told an hour's… Continue reading Oh New York, You’re a Dame for Sure 🍏

Gifted kids and Dutch Education

Dutch education is characterised by a range of philosophies that inform parents' school options. It ranges from Montessori, Dalton to Steiner-Waldorf to regular schools. My younger kids attend Montessori in the city. In the Dutch primary system, kids are tested twice yearly using national standardised tests which focus on maths, dutch language, spelling and reading… Continue reading Gifted kids and Dutch Education

High-school in Amsterdam and Why My Kids Love It

Several recent reports have found that Dutch teens are among the happiest in the world, and having lived here for almost six years with my family, I have to concur. When we arrived here, we had no idea how it would unfold: moving abroad with a family and no social support, to a new culture,… Continue reading High-school in Amsterdam and Why My Kids Love It

Stepping out of the Fray

This is a follow on post about our experience of choosing a Dutch middelbare school. We've visited nine schools in a month and it's not even an understatement to say we've run the gamut from exciting to frustrating, touching on slightly torturous through to funny times. Rather like my tween's personality these days. My son's reluctance… Continue reading Stepping out of the Fray